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In recent years, Alberta’s thriving economy has been spurred by its energy-related industries, as well as a significant influx of workers and their families. Alberta’s housing market is becoming increasingly competitive, with prices appreciating every year.

Our mortgage brokers can help you handle the higher, sustained real estate values by providing the lowest current mortgage rates and best mortgage products to suit your financial situation in Alberta—even from your own bank. Our volume-basis rate discount means you can save thousands on your home, income property or vacation investment. Visit us, call or apply online today.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can hold your rate.

Alberta mortgage interest rates can fluctuate—we can hold your low mortgage rates for up to four months (depending on the lender). Plus, we can offer you flexible mortgage solutions and products that fit your needs, all while providing exceptional, unified service.


Mortgage Rates for Monday, November 19th 2018:

Fixed Mortgages Posted Benchmark Rate : 4.64%


WMSI Special Rate

1 Year


2 Year


3 Year


4 Year


5 Year


10 Year


Variable Mortgages Prime 2.70% - .65BPS (OAC)


WMSI Special Rate

5 Year




Rates may change without notice.

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